P.O.BOX 508
PHONE: +599 770 8684

The present board is:

President Mr. Theo van der Veen
Secretary Mr. Marnix Stoorvogel
Treasurer Mr. Richard Dove.

Among other tasks, the board organizes the yearly competition, is responsible for 
construction and maintenance of the course, for promotion activities and 
acquisition of sponsors.

Rules and Regulations:

Players on the golf course "Piedra So" must at least have some knowledge about the general rules and regulations about the game and behavior on the course, as are conducted by the Royal & Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews. As the course of Piedra So is very special and significantly different from regular courses having beautiful fairways and greens, we were forced to make some local rules.

These rules are:
1.​    Animals have priority above players.
2.    When putting DO NOT TAKE THE FLAG OUT.
3.    ​It is allowed to replace the ball everywhere to a maximum of 4 inches/10 cm.
4.    It is allowed to tee up the ball everywhere on natural material.
5.    ​A ball landing in bushes within one traditional putter length may be replaced to the fairway however not         closer to the hole, without a penalty.
6.    The white poles on hole 8 mark "out of bounds".
7.    On the left side of hole 13, marked by yellow sticks is a pond; playing out of the pond is not allowed;
        replace the ball on the fairway with one penalty stroke.
8.    Blue painted rocks in the fairway marks 150 yards to the flag.
9.    Red painted rocks in the fairway marks 100 yards to the flag.

Clubhouse/driving range
Green Hole 9
Green Hole 18
Green Hole 7
Green Hole 1
Green Hole 8
Green Hole 2
Green Hole 3
Green Hole 10
Green Hole 11
Green Hole 4
Green Hole 5
Green Hole 6
Green Hole 12
Green Hole 13
Green Hole 14
Green Hole 15
Green Hole 17
Green Hole 16